We cannot be held responsible for damage resulting from accident or misuse, dye transfer, exposure to water or chemicals, alteration, service or repair by any party other than us. We would recommend not adding any rubber protective soles onto our footwear, as this will inevitably alter the balance of the shoe, placing undue stress on the heel and causing it to break.

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The brand

The perception of contemporary that is nourished by the merging of different cultures, the capacity of reading visual, artistic and literal inputs to rewrite them with a passionate and vibrant language, defined the stylistic approach of Paolo Ronga. Born from the fusion of two professionals - the first has always been fascinated and influenced by the appreciation of beauty, by philosophy, history, literature and architecture, has always been a man of doubt, always seeking and rediscovering knowledge, and the second creative strong of collaborations with brands of high aesthetic content - the brand is a rare combination of creativity and elegance.

The collections stand out for the perfect balance between tradition and innovation, a dialogue with fashion in full respect of the Italian artisan heritage. Since its 2019 conception, Italian brand Paolo Ronga has garnered a reputation for fastidiously crafted collections filled with the finest skins and materials and truly unique, vivacious colour palettes. Striking the perfect balance between modern designs and impeccable craftsmanship, Paolo Ronga’s elegant, timeless styles for women of all ages are crafted with attention to detail and a focus on wearability.